Monday, July 23, 2012

Missionary letters (2) week of July 22, 2012


Dear Elders and Sisters,

I’m so grateful to be serving with you.  Thank you for your preparation for Zone Conference.  I learned so much that I need to apply – I need to be more obedient and to sacrifice more.  I loved what our assistants taught – to know my commission and really believe it will help me to truly be penitent and to listen more intently with love.  This gospel is true and you are making my mission to be an incredibly amazing experience.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been receiving emails of what carrying the Book of Mormon in our hands can do.  Here is an exerpt from one of our missionaries.

“My companion and I have been making a big effort to carry a Book of Mormon IN our hands at all times.  Doing this has already had a huge impact.  I've noticed that with the Book of Mormon in my hand, I more readily speak of it, share verses from it, show the pictures inside of it, and bear testimony of it.  Before I would speak of it, but I find myself doing it far more.  I find myself feeling the conviction of it more.  I have been brought to tears many times in lessons this week by simply holding it and showing it to people and telling them I know it is true.  I know it was inspired.

“One such lesson was with another less-active family:  We were talking to them about the story of Enos and their 17 year old son told us he didn't know the story of the Book of Mormon well.  We were able to use the pictures in the front to talk about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon contains His gospel and evidence of His divinity.  We were also able to show him the picture of Moroni with the records.  And, finally, we showed him the picture of Joseph Smith which led us into the first vision.  It was powerful and life changing.”

I did take the liberty of changing or omitting names. 

Elders and Sisters, I encourage you to always carry a copy of the Book of Mormon and you will find so many more opportunities to teach from this wonderful book and to testify of it’s truthfulness.  It will change your life and the lives of those you teach.  This will assist in your finding more people to teach and our investigator pool will increase – I promise you that.

The message of the Book of Mormon will ring true to those who are Elect and it will be an opportunity for the Spirit to bear witness of this great work of the Restoration.  It will allow us to speak of Joseph Smith and the great work he did.

I have seen that when we hold this book in our hand, it will provide a Spiritual visual experience and ffect that cannot be denied and will allow the Spirit to bear witness to those we share this message with.

Sister Alba and I hope that you will also put up the Great Seal of the California Santa Rosa Mission that will hopefully remind us of what this work is all about.  It will help us keep our focus and not to let our guard down as we go out to find, teach and convert the Elect of God.

I love you and know that you are ever in my prayers.

Love to all,

President Alba

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