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Missionary letters (2) July 22,2012


Missionary Letter the week of July 22nd
Dear Elders, Sisters and amazing couples!

This past week has brought us together in Zone Conferences across the mission.  And what a week it has been.  Each zone brings its own special spirit, different faces, different places, and different challenges and yet what really stood out to me is that we are ‘One’.   We are of ‘one heart’ in so many ways.  Let me list just a few of them.  We are all true followers of Jesus Christ.  We are all His disciples.  We are all witnesses of Christ.  We all teach the same doctrine… the doctrine of Christ.  We all testify of Christ.  We are all fulfilling prophecy in this our mission…  The prophecy given to Abraham that his seed would take the gospel to the world.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Heavenly Father is aware of each and every one of us.  He knows us all and oversees His work… right here in the Santa Rosa mission.  President Alba and I have already received many sweet impressions from Him directly about you and for you. You are dear to His heart.  You are His… and His light shines upon you.  When we as a mission serve Him, then we are ‘One’ with Him.  What a glorious time.  Can you feel it?  It is there for the taking.

In our Zone Conferences ‘The Doctrine of Christ’ was central while focusing on, obedience, sacrifice, repentance, listening through power of the Holy Ghost and our divine commission. 

We challenge each of you to go back and take a look at your notes and to accept the challenges that were issued to you.  Please remember that they came under the direction of our Heavenly Father.

President Alba and I want each of you to understand what the Santa Rosa mission upholds and stands for and we want each of you to know it, express it and live it in all that you do

1.    We are a ‘DOCTRINE OF CHRIST’ mission… know it…express it, live it

2.   We are an ‘OF ONE HEART’ mission

3.   We are a ‘BOOK OF MORMON’ mission

4.   We are a ‘PREACH MY GOSPLE’ mission

5.   We are a ‘RETURN AND REPORT’ mission

6.    We are a ‘PRAY FOR THE HOLY GHOST’ mission…in all things and in every situation

7.    We are a ‘FINDING’ mission

8.    We are a ‘BAPTIZING’ mission

9.    We are a ‘RESCUEING’ mission

10.   We are a ‘SERVICE’ mission

11.      We are an ‘OBEDIENT’ mission...We will obey

12.      We are a ‘TEACHING AND A TRAINING’ mission. 
              Ours is a mission of patterns.  Ours is a mission of goals. 
              Ours is a mission of treating one another as equals and with respect.  Ours is a mission of lifting one another to greater heights.    
13.     We are a ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER’ mission

After just 3 weeks we have grown to love you so much.  I can see that each one of you has much to offer.  You have divine potential. There is a divine spark in everyone…  Everyone can do marvelous and great things.  Let us do them together. 

With great love, Sister Alba

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