Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letter to the missionaries 8/25/13

Rise up….Your time to shine is upon you

Rise up….In exact obedience like never before

Rise up…. And carry your light to the entire world and for all the world to see

“For behold, I will hasten my work in its time.”

It is no coincidence that you have been chosen …now



Dear Elders and Sisters,

The words amazing, astonishing, incredible and unbelievable just don’t express what happening right now in the Ca. Santa Rosa Mission.  Not even close. We have been ‘chosen’ to be the 1st Mission in the World to receive the 8873’s….We have been ‘chosen’ to lead the world in this.  We have been ‘chosen’ so take the gospel to the four corners of the earth and therefore we have been ‘chosen’ and are the first to fulfill this prophecy and fulfill the scriptures that speak of it. Our mission right now, at this moment is fulfilling the prophecies of old!  Each one of you is a part of it.  Each one of you is here for a purpose.  Each one of you must now realize that much is resting on your shoulders. 

“Where much is given, much is expected.”  What a privilege…what a blessing…and what a heavy responsibility is upon you.  For, SLC, the world and all the heavens are watching each and every one of you from here on out. 

So….here we go.  We will lead the world with our banners held high.  Our light will shine in every direction.  We will do this right. And in doing so, we will receive God’s blessing upon us.

Remember the blessing and promise we received from Elder Perry in April?

“I promise you that if you use all of the skills and training that you have been taught and that if you use the wards and stake resources….that the windows of heaven will open in a way never before imagined.”

I never imagined that we would have the blessing to be the first mission to receive the device.  I never imagined that God would put the 8873 into our hands with such confidence in us. But He has.  “The windows of heaven have opened in a way never before imagined.”

So dear, dear Elders and Sisters, each day thank God that you have been chosen to be a part of this fulfillment.  Each day determine to walk the line carefully and to do your part in an excellent manner. Be obedient. This devise is ‘Holy’’, never forget that.

Continue on and even take a step up in using your new skills and training.  Enlarge them; be better than you have been.  Remember your purpose, to invite others to come unto Christ….open your mouth and invite, invite, invite… so that we may help fulfill God’s purpose….To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Yes, we now teach the world but…..OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY IS RIGHT HERE… IN THE CALIFORNIA SANTA ROSA MISSION…our work should not suffer due to the 8873… but it should be enhanced.  Always, the balance should swing to teaching right here, to finding right here and to serving right here.  And you now have an amazing tool to help you. Yes, the 101 is shining before us and is at our finger tips. We will see it happen… and much, much more.


I love you each so much, you are in my heart.


Love Sister Alba



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