Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter to the Missionaries 10-7-12

Letter to the Missionaries 10-7-12
Wow… and wow again!  What an amazing conference and what an incredible announcement concerning MISSIONARY WORK!  Can this be part of our answer to the ‘Windows of Heaven”’ opening?  Yes it is.  Can this be part of the way that we will be able to reach our goal of 101?  Yes it is. Can you imagine our royal army swelling in numbers, covering more area, touching more lives, and the adding of more faith in finding by way of more missionaries on their knees in prayer morning and night and then going forward in actions?  Yes I can. Let us all thank our Heavenly Father for this great miracle that we are a part of.  Are we on the brink of something?  Yes we are and the Lord has heard us and is now showing us all how it can and will happen.

We must all prepare now to receive the new missionaries that will come to us.

 Please begin by praying that we will receive MANY… AS MANY AS THEY CAN SEND US.

Pray that they who are coming will consecrate their time here unto the Lord.

Pray that you will know how you can be ready to receive them.

We will need many more trainers.  Are you ready?

Pray that we will receive these missionaries a quickly as possible.

Our living situations may need to be adjusted and perhaps not so comfortable… Is it worth it?  Of course!  It is part of our miracle.

It may mean that many more are on bicycles… YAY!!!! We will all be more physically fit!

Does it mean that we will need to sacrifice more?  Yes it does, ‘faith precedes the miracle’… ‘sacrifice calls down the angels’.  We will be surrounded, we already are.

What and exciting and amazing time for you to be on your mission.  Please write in your journals about your feelings and pray to understand your part in this.  If you still doubt, the time to believe is now. Do not wait.  Do not miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the army.  The new missionaries that will come to us will be younger, fresher, but also needing you to stand as examples like never before. They will need YOU.  Without your strong and steadfast faith they will flounder. So from this moment forward, no matter how long you have left to serve we must all raise ourselves up to meet the challenge, the gift we have been handed by the Lord.  He is sending us help in a way that has never, ever been done before.

It is not a coincidence that you are serving at this time. Step up and be more that you have ever been.  Join in preparing for the changes that will quickly come. Prepare yourselves.  Pray more.  Study harder.  Forget yourselves. Work as you have never worked before.  Be positive.  Generate happiness. Show the light of the Lord that glows with in you. Love your companion more.  Listen to one another. Say I’m sorry, please forgive me.  Act as if you are a zone leader because to us….EVERYONE OF YOU IS A ZONE LEADER. Everyone is equal and great. I love you all and I know that we can do this together.  This is our time and our season. We will prepare.  And someday we will sit together and look back with great joy in the time that we had together working side by side in the Lord’s vineyard.

Love Sister Alba



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  1. Wow! Sister Alba, you are going to very busy posting new pictures of many new missionaries! How awesome! Wish I could be there to help you do it! Thanks for all you do for our Sons and Daughters! We as moms appreciate it very much! We are getting great letters from our missionary. (Elder Mahoney) He loves the work and never complains! It makes me smile! Thanks again!